Where are you located?2022-04-23T18:38:23-04:00

Our workshop is in Rock Hill off University Drive. We are fortunate to be located on the Hope Fellowship Church campus. We do not have standard workshop hours, so please contact us to coordinate a time to stop by.

Can someone from Karson’s Kompassion Project come and speak at our organization?2022-04-28T01:25:59-04:00

Yes! We would love that. We love to build awareness about our mission and initiatives. We welcome the opportunity to speak at your company, business, school, church, or other community organization. Please use our contact form to tell us about your event.

Our business is interested in being a support to the local foster care community—what are some ways to do this?2022-04-24T22:11:12-04:00

We are so grateful for businesses like yours! There are several opportunities to show your support for our community’s most vulnerable members, children in foster care. Please fill out our contact form to start the conversation of ways we can partner together to make a difference.

Do you accept any gently used items?2022-04-24T22:05:05-04:00

Due to the nature of our Welcome Kits we do not accept any used items at this time. We want the child to feel seen and important, receiving brand new items of their own, maybe for the first time.
Thank you for understanding.

We’d like to host a donation drive for new items- what are your most needed items?2022-04-24T22:06:15-04:00

Thank you, thank you! We ask that you please contact us prior to launching your drive. Our space is limited so we want to ensure that we work together to collect the most needed items. If needed, we can provide you with promotional materials. Let us know you are interested in hosting a drive by filling out our contact form.

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